The Mishlei Podcast

Mishlei 14:3 - The Fool's Rod of Ego (Part 1)

September 20, 2023 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 13 Episode 8
The Mishlei Podcast
Mishlei 14:3 - The Fool's Rod of Ego (Part 1)
Show Notes

Mishlei 14:3 - The Fool's Rod of Ego (Part 1)
בְּפִי אֱוִיל חֹטֶר גַּאֲוָה וְשִׂפְתֵי חֲכָמִים תִּשְׁמוּרֵם:

Length: 47 minutes
Synopsis: This morning (9/20/23), in our morning Mishlei shiur, we began learning a pasuk featuring a strange mashal and a strange juxtaposition of Mishleic qualities. We developed two approaches, both of which appear to have support (ha!) from the meforshim. Tomorrow we'll delve deeper into the meforshim to see what they have to say.
משלי יד:ג
שמות טו:א
מצודת ציון/דוד
רבינו יונה
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