The Mishlei Podcast

Mishlei 12:28 - Mishleic Immortality

November 06, 2023 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 13 Episode 18
The Mishlei Podcast
Mishlei 12:28 - Mishleic Immortality
Show Notes

Mishlei 12:28 - Mishleic Immortality

בְּאֹרַח צְדָקָה חַיִּים, וְדֶרֶךְ נְתִיבָהֿ אַל מָוֶת:

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Synopsis: Tonight (11/6/23), in our Monday Night Mishlei shiur, we learned a pasuk that somehow managed to be overly generic but frustratingly specific. We came up with a few approaches on our own, then learned through several of the meforshim. We walked away with some nice ideas, and with that, we finished Chapter 12. Over the course of our three years and three months of Monday Night Mishlei shiur, we've covered 91 pesukim one pasuk at a time! God willing, we'll learn many more in the future!
משלי יב:כח
מנחת שי
תרגום רס"ג
מצודת ציון/דוד
רבינו יונה
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