The Mishlei Podcast

Mishlei 14:17 - When Deliberate Thinkers Are Hated

February 07, 2024 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 14 Episode 12
The Mishlei Podcast
Mishlei 14:17 - When Deliberate Thinkers Are Hated
Show Notes

Mishlei 14:17 - When Deliberate Thinkers Are Hated
קְצַר אַפַּיִם יַעֲשֶׂה אִוֶּלֶת וְאִישׁ מְזִמּוֹת יִשָּׂנֵא:

Length: 47 minutes
Synopsis: This morning (2/7/24), in our morning Mishlei shiur, we learned a perplexing pasuk which seemed to issue a warning of a negative consequence for a positive Mishleic archetype. We came up with several approaches on our own, then read Saadia Gaon's commentary which supported the way we were thinking. Unfortunately, I realized that we might only be able to spend one day on this pasuk, so we didn't have time to go through our usual meforshim. Still came away with some nice ideas, though!
משלי יד:יז
ר"י אבן כספי פירוש שני - משלי י:א,
משלי א:ד
בראשית יא:ו
תרגום ופירוש רס"ג
רבינו יונה
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